Algeria And France… Between The Memory File And The Future of Their Relationships

Rabaa Noureldein wazer


   French President Emmanuel Macron criticized in the context of recent events between Algeria and France and the escalation of relations between them, including Algeria’s recent summon to its ambassador in Paris, amid what Algeria described as a violation of its internal affairs, its political system – describing it as an authoritarian military regime – and making statements about whether an Algerian nation existed before French colonialism.

  These latest statements led to Algeria’s actions against France, including the decision to close the airspace to French military aviation, which disrupted the operations of the French army in some regions of Africa and called on France to respect Algeria’s sovereignty and not interfering in its affairs. Algerian demonstrations demanded the expulsion of the French ambassador, given the history of the relationship between Algeria and France and the recent efforts of the parties to build bridges of cooperation and relations in various fields. Through this evaluation paper, we are trying to analyze the recent escalations in relations between Algeria and France to develop scenarios about the future of their relationship and whether the escalation will affect the upcoming elections.


  At the outset, the relations between Algeria and France were addressed in the scientific, technical, and economic fields. How did the record of memory and adherence to each side’s account of the French colonial period lead to a decline in relations and an escalation of the situation?

  The paper ended after the analysis with three anticipated scenarios of relations between the visitor and France in the light of the mechanized differences and the repeated escalation.



we can say: Algeria is taking serious, strong steps, measures and clear reactions to France’s actions. It has reduced economic cooperation and revived agreements that have been frozen for decades, for example, “the Partnership Agreement with Turkey“, consistently stresses its right to protect its interests and to ensure that it does not interfere with its affairs as an independent sovereign State not as a French protectorate.

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