No Constant Disagreement with Politics… Egyptian-Qatari Relations Enter a New Chapter

Rabaa Noureldein wazer


In the context of a meeting between Egypt’s Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr. Neveen Jamea’, and Qatar’s Ambassador to Egypt, Salem Mubarak, the Minister and the Egyptian Trade Representative reviewed the files of mutual interest between Egypt and Qatar in order to strengthen economic, trade, and investment relations between the two countries.

It should be highlighted that, following a time of restricted cooperation due to differences of opinion on some subjects, relations between Qatar and Egypt are again witnessing an increasing convergence and cooperation at the political and economic levels.

As a result, we attempt to emphasize the new chapter in the Egyptian-Qatari ties, as well as what the future may hold for them, in the following paper.



The major themes of this dissertation are various aspects of Egypt-Qatar ties, beginning with historical relations between the two countries as a result of geographical, cultural, religious, and historical rapprochement; then regression, and then re-establishment.

Then we looked at the most crucial responses to this convergence, as well as where the situation might go in the future.

Thus, through the following paper, we try to highlight the new chapter in relations between Egypt and Qatar and what the future between them can be.



By opposing the rise of Iranian and Turkish influence in the area, the re-establishment of relations between Egypt and Qatar would contribute substantially to striking a balance in the Middle East.

The return of Qatar to the Arab incubator also provides Arab opinions on critical crises, such as the Egyptian water situation, more weight. If the Iranian nuclear deal falls apart, Qatar might become a vital partner in the fight against Iranian influence, especially because it has lately signed multiple deals with it.










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